dr. sc. Andrea Džumhur, dr. med.


Andrea Džumhur (née Galić), was born on 19. June 1973 in Osijek.

After she had completed her elementary school and grammar school in Osijek, she enrolled in the School of Medicine in Zagreb in 1992 and achieved her medical degree in 1998. She completed her internship at the Health Centre Peščenica in Zagreb. She started to work at the Osijek Clinical Hospital Centre in 1999, first as a research fellow on a project called “Behavioral Neurology” at the Department for Neurology and then in 2000 she started her specialization in internal medicine. She passed her specialization exam in 2004 and gained her internist degree. She passed her subspecialty exam in 2009 and became a cardiologist. Until 2013 she was continuously employed at the Osijek Clinical Hospital Centre, at the Department for Cardiovascular Diseases, where she worked as an attending physician and was engaged in non-invasive cardiology diagnostics (heart ultrasound, holter monitor, ergometry). She continued her clinical work in 2013 in a private internist – cardiology clinic which she had since lead independently.

Alongside her clinical work she has an active scientific career. She graduated in 2011 at the postgraduate doctoral study in biomedicine and health at the School of Medicine in Osijek. The topic of her thesis was “Polymorphism of Toll-like Receptors 2 and 4 in Persons with Acute Myocardial Infarction”, under the mentorship of Prof. Dr. Jerko Barbić, MD, Associate Professor at the School of Medicine in Osijek.

She has published four indexed articles and has actively participated in several domestic and international professional and scientific conferences.