dr. sc. Andrea Džumhur, dr. med.

Phisyical activity prolongs life

It is recommended to perform dynamic intensity exercises (walking, running, cycling, and swimming) for five to seven times a week for 30 minutes in order to prevent cardiovascular diseases. It has been proven that regular physical activity prevents the onset of cardiovascular diseases, partly because physical activity leads to lowering of blood pressure, regulation of body weight, and the reduction of stress, anxiety and depression, all of which function as the triggers of such diseases.

Physical activity protects against the emergence cardiovascular diseases, regardless of the effect on cardiovascular risk factors. Since cardiovascular disease is the first cause of death in the developed world, it is clear that regular exercise will prolong life expectancy. Exercise impact assessments were also made on the expected life expectancy. It was proved that any exercise has a positive impact and that intensified exercising prolongs life up to 4.2 years.